Friday, May 4, 2007

Today's the day

As I have sat for the past five and a half months watching my little bean grow, I just thought that my waist line would diminish as well. Well, some of it has but there is still some to go. Today is the day to face the music and really get going. Gia is so active that she has trouble gaining weight, so I thought....if I could just channel some of her energy to me I would be back to a healthy place in no time.

Yesterday I timed it. The amount of time it takes for me to walk around the small development where our home is. Twenty minutes. I figure, if Gia and I take three twenty minute jaunts she will sleep better at night (hence I will to...not completely selfless in this act), we can explore the different flowers that our neighbors have so graciously planted for our sniffing pleasure and as an added bonus this final ten will come off!

As for Gia, she has the most amazing brown eyes. It is truly amazing. Ralph's have always melted my heart and now hers are just like his. Ralph always consoles Gia that my gene pool was unable to pull through for her in the eye department, but I disagree. She has the most amazing almond shaped, brow eyes that could melt any ones heart. I just gaze into them and think to myself....I hope that she will understand how much we love her...even when we won't let her go do something crazy when she's sixteen.

We're off to Costco now to pick up our Mother's Day cards. Gia always flirts with the greeter at Costco. It is yet another astonishing thing about our beautiful daughter. Her ability to charm, already.

Gummy smiles and Drolly kisses,
Gia and Allison~

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