Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter with the Talamantez's.

This Easter was such a blessing. We had the opportunity to spend the ENTIRE time with the Talamantez side of the family. Aunt Mary and Uncle Art had filet migon and crab legs with Aunt Lupe's stuffed potatoes...all was DIVINE.
It is no secret that Gia is completely spoiled by her Nina and amazing Aunt's....well, Easter was no exception. She made out like a bandit. So much so that on our way home I was highly concerned that there may be an upchuck from the back seat.
{Talamantez, Easter 2009}
{Whenever Gia is with her Nina, she ends up with frosting...somewhere}

{Bella directing the little ones for the HUNT}

{GG and Moma, all dressed up}

{My Easter treats....I am lucky}

{Gia and her Nina}

{Gia's Easter basket....crayons and Sesame Street galore}

{The eggs hiding at Aunt Mary's House}

{Daddy and Gia exploring her loot}

{Confetti Gia this was the very best part}
This Easter was full of joy and celebration. We just love our little family of three and when we have the opportunity to spend time with others that we love it is EVEN better. I wish I had a picture of our little princess passed out on the way home...she was a beauty. Onesie with chocolate on it, a tutu Nina gave her, leopard pink and brown print leggings and her darling gladiator sandals....such a little fashionista.
Happy Easter to All!!!


Amanda said...

Great pictures! I love the one of you and her. You look so pretty!

The Govier Boys said...

Your daughter is simply precious! She will LOVE Elmo!!!