Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The lettuce is always greener.

I adore my mother. It is no secret. I remember as a child how everything she did was something that amazed me. Things look better on her, taste better made by her, smell better around her, she just has the golden touch.

Well, it is with much pride that I annouce that Gia may have had her first "mommy's is better" moment this evening. We made a delightful salad with our fresh veggies from Monterey and grilled chicken. Dressed it with a delectable lemon vinagarette and went out of the patio to enjoy this summer weather and the glorious sunset.

Mind you everything on our plate was EXACTLY the same. Made from the same hands, plated from the same bowl with the same serving hands.

Gia would not touch hers.

She only wanted mine. Why?

"Mommy's better", "Mommy's much better" was the reply.

Tears well in my eyes. She thinks that my lettuce tastes better because it is mine.

I am so blessed that she is my little girl. "Life is better, life is much better."


~Holly~ said...

Of course yours is better! :)

jz said...

Mimi loves this story and it tugs at my heat strings. Everything in my life was always better because of Allison and Eddie and now with their families added, life is more precious.

Tonia said...

That is adorable.