Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Static cling strikes daily.

I am married to a man with perfect hair. Seriously, perfect. It is jet black, thick, shiny, and straight as a board. Such a waste on a man.

I was born with the Burton gene. I have it, my brother has it, my mother has it. Without fail, we all wake up looking like we have wrestled with giant elephants or something strange like that.

It appears that Gia has it too. And our couch is that microfiber material (which is amazing...a little water and a wash cloth any child happening comes right up) and now she has the static cling monster to deal with.

Lucky for her, her mother is a child of the Flat Iron generation. Hopefully she will escape the awful days of humidity on the bus with the crazy Burton hair.
If you have a picture of me in all of my hair glory during Junior High and you want to give me a present...get rid of it. Just get rid of it.
But like my mother, I truly think Gia is the most beautiful creature and has the most amazing hair. A mother's love. There is nothing else like it!


Amanda said...

That's so funny! She will love those pictures later in life! Junior high bus hair...oh man. Maybe that's why I wore my hair in a ponytail every single day. Surely there's a good reason. Thank God for Chi's.

I am Trish Marie said...

She may be offering presents if you get rid of those pictures, but I am offering cash if you post them.

What did we do before flat irons? I have wavy hair. In Houston. And I pretty sure nobody told me about straightening gels/serums until I was in college. Thank goodness my poor child (Jill has my hair, Emmi has perfectly straight hair) won't have to learn the hard way.