Saturday, April 18, 2009

Forty one.

In honor of my amazing husband birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to list forty one reasons why I adore him. Granted there are so many more, but here are a few (not to personal) reasons why I am so lucky to be Mrs. Talamantez.

  1. You gave me Gia.

  2. We are family.

  3. You let me hold the popcorn.

  4. You eat your fries in size order.

  5. You have the best hair EVER.

  6. I love holding your hand....and you love holding mine.

  7. We run.

  8. We bike.

  9. We travel.

  10. You are so good to us.

  11. We have "our" places.

  12. You are the best smelling person on the PLANET.

  13. You love me so much that you want me to not play on the computer because you want my undivided attention while we watch cruddy television.

  14. Everything that you have done to become the man that you are.

  15. How you handle your self in corporate situations.

  16. Your woo.

  17. You wooed me.

  18. That we eat popcorn and peanut MandM's together....together.

  19. That you love my mom.

  20. You understand how much I love my dad.

  21. You adore our daughter.

  22. Everything that we have overcome to be the family that we are today.

  23. We are united.

  24. That you are so close with your High School friends....who are all does that happen?!?!?

  25. Your love for the Raiders.

  26. Your love of baseball.

  27. That we can stay up for hours and talk and talk and talk.

  28. You have the softest feet on the planet.

  29. When you kiss me good night.

  30. When you hold me all night long.

  31. When you cave and let the little miss sleep with us....

  32. How Gia looks at you.

  33. How you look at Gia.

  34. Your unwavering support.

  35. Your incredible impeccable sense of style.

  36. The fact that you have so many shoes.

  37. How no matter what, I know you will take care of our family.

  38. You put us first.

  39. Your dedication to your career.

  40. Your dedication to our family.

and last, but not least......

41. That you love me.

Handsome, love, love, love, love you. I fall deeper for you every day. I am amazed by us and our family. May your day be fantastic. I adore you.

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