Monday, April 6, 2009

This weekend was fantastic.

I have been under and inordinate amount of stress lately. My nerves were shot, my patience gone and I needed some time to unwind, regroup and really face the world again....and hubs delivered. He created a perfect spring skiing weekend.

For those of you that know us, RT and I love our skiing. And there is really nothing more amazing than spring skiing. The air is warm (well on Sunday it was, Saturday it was deceptively cold..and super sunny) and when you have good snow it is certainly bliss.

(for some reason, I can not get my pictures to upload in the correct order, but here are a few)

{Saturday night at Fire + Ice}

{Saturday on the Nevada was sooo cold}

{Our food cooking at Fire + Ice}

{Breathtaking Lake Tahoe}

{Heavenly from Afar}
We enjoyed skiing where we had virtually the entire mountain to ourselves, saunas, hot tubs, loads of relaxation time and we even finished Saturday night off with cookies and milk from was delightful!
I feel fully replensihed and ready to start this new chapter in our lives....oh, and yeah, I started a new gig today....bye, bye, stress!!!!!

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kberry said...

A new gig?! Send me an email and let me know the details -- congrats to you!