Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Single Tasking Day.

As I sit here, in my kitchen, drinking my coffee, trying to blog, listening to NPR streaming and scanning my to do list, I am going to make a real effort to celebrate and put into action Single Tasking Day.

I, like most women of this century feel pressured to multi task. And I, maybe not like most women (but I secretly like to think so) am not very good at it. I do much better when I can focus in and be present on one thing at a time.

This was never as obvious as it is after becoming a mother. Not to mention a work at home mother. Honestly, when I multi task I end up doing a really crummy job at everything.

So, starting today and making a conscious effort for one week (in hopes that one week will turn in to two, three and so on) I am going to do one thing at a time and be present in the moment of each activity.

Are you a good multi tasker?

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