Thursday, February 4, 2010

Elmo had a birthday.

....and I am not making this up. Our favorite furry, red monster has a birthday on February 3. Now, Sesame Street does not give his birth year, but at our house we like to think he is in the three to four year old range.
We celebrated with cupcakes, party hats, candles and blowy things. Fun was had by all. Elmo requested that we not do presents as he already has so much and we thought that was very nice and mature of him. Below is a video (that I took on my very first point and shoot which is clearly on its very last legs) of Gia a few weeks ago. Elmo's batteries had been run down and we finally got around to replacing them. Sheer joy. The love affair reignited. This girl loves Elmo.

And really, when a furry, red monster makes your kiddo this happy, who doesn't just love Elmo?
Happy Birthday E! We love you!

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Tonia said...

It won't let me watch the video. Something about accepting a friend request. Help?!?