Friday, February 26, 2010

What part of I have a three year old do you not understand?

I love Pei Wei. We no longer have it in California and it is one of my "must eats" while in Texas. At least it was. I still love the food, but I am completely annoyed with their customer service.

While arriving at Pei Wei to eat with my parents, Gia and Wendy, we sat at a table where a floor person (not sure what they are called because they don't wait on you at Pei Wei) got us a high chair and asked what if anything they could do to help. Very nice. Thought to self: wow, good customer service. I heart Pei Wei.

My dad went to stand in line to order our food for the entire table.

He was next to order.

It just goes downhill from here.

The kitchen manager comes up to our table with the manager standing behind him and asks, "How many people in your party?" we respond "Five." We are sitting at a six top. He then proceeds to say, "Well, you know this is not how it works at Pei Wei. You have to have your number before you can sit down."

I look around. There are seriously SEVEN empty tables in my sight line.

"I need you to get up and move. I promised this table to the person next in line."

"So, let me get this straight. You are asking me to get up when my dad is the next person in line and move?"


"I don't understand."

"Well, I will give you a free appetizer."

"Well, if you ask me to move, I will take my business and go elsewhere."

"But I am offering you a free appetizer."

"What part of I have a three year old and do not want to move for someone who is BEHIND my dad do you not understand?"

"But I promised this table."

"Again, are you asking me to move?"

"No, thanks for your understanding."

The manager looked slightly afraid of me. Slightly annoyed and slightly not connected. Oh well.

I think our food may have been flavored with spit.

Gross. Customer service stinks.


Tonia said...

Stupid $#%&ers.

When do you go back to Cali? Maybe we can get together before you go back.

I am Trish Marie said...

I love idiots.