Thursday, February 18, 2010

We like to hike.

Over Valentine's weekend, we had planned on going skiing and instead we bought Gia a new room full of furniture, a new mattress and a new mattress for our bed. In the interest of being fiscally responsible, we decided that we better wait until our lift tickets were not on a black out weekend. So, we stayed closer to home.
It was an absolutely perfect weather weekend. Few clouds scattered across a blue sky and loads of sunshine beaming. It was warm enough to feel good, but crisp enough to still feel comfortable. We headed about twenty miles east of our house to hike along the American River.

Last year when we went to Yosemite, we purchased all the appropriate hiking gear and vowed that we would use it frequently. I have worn my trail runners enough and used the backpack for Gia quite often when taking trips to the pool. I have even used my camelback a few times on long runs for hydration. But we have not used said hiking gear for hiking since our Yosemite trip. It was nice to get out in nature and use it for the purpose in which is was created.

There is something so peaceful about bodies of water surrounded by trees. And little squeals from three year olds. We packed a picnic, took our time and enjoyed our surroundings. Gia's parents sure love skiing and were feeling a little down about missing our trip, but this was certainly worth it. We are looking to do a lot more of it this spring and early summer. And then again next fall.

Happy hiking!

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