Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have greasy hair.

Well, not that you can see. But I do. I am one of those people in the world that has struggled with my hair my ENTIRE life. Not to mention, the horrible challenge of super fine, a lot of individual hairs that grace my head.

About two years ago I started researching all kinds of solutions for my hair. What to do. I have read everything from dousing my head with rubbing alcohol (seriously, on what planet does someone think this is healthy) to adding Dawn to my shampoo (I guess this could work, but what about the dreaded dry ends, won't that just exasperate the problem?).

So I started to seek out my own solutions. Everything from the no poo and to baking soda and apple cider vinegar methods and just using conditioner that can be found here and here.

I have also tried to put a little shampoo in a spray bottle and just get the roots of my hair, or putting apple cider vinegar in with the conditioner to clean it.

They all work pretty well. My biggest complaint about the methods linked to above is that they are hard to do and are really uncomfortable (read cold) or just take too much time. Time is always on my priority list. So I usually go back to my old just normal shampoo and conditioner routine which results in less great hair. ARRRH.

Then I thought about the spray bottle method. Which is really fantastic. So I mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle and another spray bottle of apple cider vinegar and water in another. Spray liberally.

Less waste. Shiny hair.

If you want to find out what I do about the yucky exercise hair, go over here.

I really like it. I save money. And honestly, my hair looks so much better. Even if you do nothing else, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. SHINE GALORE. Google it. It is like liquid gold. Amazing.

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Profbaugh said...

There is some good news for you. This may change as you get older. I could really relate to your post. Been there. Done that. . . all through my twenties and early thirties. Now that I'm in my forties, my hair actually looks great. The "greasy" hair that I hated all the time through high school, college, and early adulthood has kept my hair looking great. While my girlfriends my age are complaining of "dry" hair, I can now sit back and enjoy "normal" hair. For most people this wouldn't be much, but having had the "wash your hair daily (two times if I was sweating and working out), I can now relax and enjoy the every other (and sometimes other, other) day wash and style. So hold on. . . your day will come!!

Rockin' some great hair,