Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes dad, I want coffee.

I adore my parents. Probably much more than the average person does. Or much more than the average adult person does. So much so that I seek out ways to spend extended periods of time with them.

Part of why I love them so much is that I can write this and say it to my dads face all in one breath.

I have been in Houston for over a week now working from home. It has been fantastic. Parents occupy Miss G, I get tons of work done. Grandparents happy....Mommy happy.

I have been up since 5a (3a California time mind you) and working on some stuff. All good. I decide prior to my last two meetings of the day I need a cup of my beloved Cuban coffee con almond mil (it really loses it zing when I add that note, huh?) when my dad bellows out from his Olympic watching, "What are you doing?"

Gingerly I respond, "Making a cup of coffee. Want one?" (Knowing darn well he won't accept. I have not seen the man partake in a cup of coffee after 8am ever in my thirty years.)

"What on earth do you need coffee for? That is just crazy. Have a glass of water instead."

Seriously? Oh yes, and he still can't believe I went ahead and made and am now consuming my Bustelo.

Got to love your parents. Got to love even more that you are going to become them and you can so see it.


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Maggie Mason said...

Doesn't he know you run marathons? He's lucky you're not in the kitchen brewing up something much stronger than coffeee.