Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent mania.

This year I am trying to help Gia understand that Christmas is about giving and not just getting. I swiped this idea from the amazing Laura Mayes. She rocks.
The supplies were easy enough. I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed some pre made envelopes, angel cut outs, kelly green grogain ribbon and double sided tape.
Then comes the hard part- thinking of all the simple things that we can do to put the giving back to our community and world. All in all it has been a great project. Gia loves the calendar and we are really enjoying the season of giving. My only double sided tape does not seem to be sticking. On the upside- it is not ripping the paint off my pantry door.

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Tonia said...

That is a wonderful idea! It's great to teach Gia about giving at such an early age.