Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas loot.

After twenty minutes of Christmas Eve mass (G became lethargic due to her super high fever) and our time in the emergency room, we came home and went to bed. Then low and behold a large man in a red velvet suit came down our chimney to visit. He brought Gia a train and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, he did not stay to cook. Maybe next year old man.

Stockings were hung, cookies eaten and children healing. All is right with the world when you get to be a parent on Christmas eve/morning.

And this is what happens when the non analytical parent (me) gets put in charge of creating a train maze. Santa leaves the extra pieces behind. I like the way that man thinks. Let the kid problem solve. He is getting up there in age.
And the little one didn't even notice. Sweet girl was giddy with delight. We cut Christmas in half this year and she was still overwhelmed with all of the presents that she had. Next year we are doing fewer gifts and more giving.

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Tonia said...

I hope Gia is feeling better! How are you feeling?