Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve sleigh day.

Prior to our excursion to the emergency room (Gia had a UTI and a 103 fever- on Christmas Eve. You go to the e-room), we headed to do some sledding on Christmas Eve. We know how to roll here in the T world...a bucket of chicken, a bag of Dorito's and some snow. We are set for a perfect Christmas Eve day.
We (ahem, Ralph and G) built a frosty. Which Gia promptly kicked over. Gia fell on her head and made a goose egg. There were smiles, laughs, tears and a bit of fit throwing. I did a whole lot of picture taking and sitting on the other sled.

Here is Ralph having Gia talk to him on his Flip. He got that crazy thing on Woot and I think he has died and gone to heaven. Now if we were only patient enough to upload it all to YouTube.
We ended the day with snow angels. Again, to clarify. 38 weeks was not participating in snow angels. Which is kind of a shame becuase that would have made for some sweet pics. And trouble I am sure. Hope that your Christmas Eve was fantastic.

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