Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New York City.

A few weeks ago, Ralph and I dropped off our ever growing football (the G, we decided to keep Baby T with us on this trip- simply for logistical reasons) off in Houston and after a delicious but comical (think two old people singing Kenny Rogers- Michael Bolton style in a smoky Mexican restaurant) dinner with my parents and the G boarded a plane and headed to the Big Apple.
Originally we were going to Miami. But seriously, who wants to see the backside of a thirty some odd week pregnant woman. Certainly not the thirty some odd week pregnant woman. So we went to NYC. Where in theory you can wear leggings and tights and scarfs and coats.
We stayed in two separate places on Wall Street and they both had awesomeness. If you are looking for the most amazing experience go to the Hotel Andez. If you want some chilling views of Ground Zero, head the the Millennium.
We walked the Brooklyn Bridge, ate, ate and ate some more. Watched a fight at Jay-Z's club, had lunch with dear friends and discovered Eataly.
Don't ever go to the 40-40 club to be wowed. RT wants to have a bromance with Jay-Z and made sure preggers had a place to sit.
View from our second hotel room. Creepy beyond belief. I just kept thinking about what the occupant on 9.11 must have been thinking.
Walking to Eataly. It was such an amazing day. The weather was unseasonably warm, sunny and delicious.
Brianne and I. It was such a treat to connect. We have not seen each other since our wedding. CRAZY. It can not be that long until our next meeting.

Next year we plan on tossing the Baby T football and taking Miss G to NYC for her first time. I think she can hack it. The city that never sleeps seems like it is her kind of town.


Tonia said...

I want to go to NYC! How is Brianne doing?

jz said...

Love the picture. No place like NYC......