Wednesday, December 8, 2010

UGG's for U-G-L-Y.

Now I must admit that I have owned two pairs of UGG boots, a pair of UGG clogs and a pair of UGG flip flops. The boots are now gone (one I gave to my mother and the other I am not sure what happened to them) the clogs I gave away and the flip flops I wore until they fell apart.

I think UGGS are precious on little girls. I covet a pair of slippers and the ballet flat that they currently have on the market. But I must say there is a serious truth to the "elephant foot" description.

This kind PSA just stopped me from making another purchase of UGG boots. My swollen extremities were begging for them but I have been realigned in my rightful thinking. Now for the ballet flats....not so much.

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