Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clean out your fridge day.

There is some discrepancy over which day it is (some sources say it is the third Wednesday of the month, some say 11.14, some say 11.15 and I have read even further reports of 11.20) but regardless, I am going to take note and take on the daunting, dirty deed. I try to do it once a month, but I am always amazed at how quickly it needs to be done.

I don't know about you, but just the entire process of taking EVERYTHING out of the fridge. I think I this piece of advice from Trading Spaces and all of my other HGTV watching. Regardless of what you are doing IF you take everything out you have a higher likelihood of being successful.

Then trash anything that is old, gross or that your family just plain refuses to eat. Now, you should be left with just food that it not expired and stuff you and yours want to consume....and hopefully over the next few days.

SPRAY THAT BAD BOY DOWN. I am a big fan of Mrs. Meyer's geranium counter top spray. It SMELLS divine. Go quick and order some here. Wipe it down scrub anything that is crusted on and just scrub, scrub, scrub. Often, I stick the drawers in the dishwasher just to get them completely clean. Once dry, I put them back in.

Now, for my friends that ROYGBIV your closets, this is where I need help. Organizing the food contents comes next. I try to place them in the same category in which I make my shopping list. Dairy, Meat, Grocery, Veggies, Fruit, Condiments.

I like to place a fresh box of good ole Arm and Hammer in there until the next clean out.

So, happy clean out your fridge day. Yeah, seriously.

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Amanda said...

Oh, thanks! I'll let Curtis know asap! ;)