Monday, November 23, 2009

Davis turkey trot.

Well, Saturday marked Gia's first "competitive" event. She had a blast. We arrived in a whirlwind (which I think is just part of being the mom of a tot) and grabbed her bib number and t shirt and raced off to the starting line.

This "race" was so well organized I was really in shock. And the number of participants just warmed my heart. The 5k and 10k's had been early in the morning so many of the parents running with their kids had already done their race. It was such fun to see so many parents passing on their love of the pavement to the little tykes.
Gia did have a spill mid race. But like a true champion she picked her self up and just kept going. She kept saying, "See mommy, I just like you." Now, I have not fallen in a race, but I do just keep going. I have to say that certainly was a heart swelling moment.
When she crossed the finish line there were ribbons. Which I was a little bummed about. I thought they were giving "medals". I would have happily paid five dollars more for a plastic medal for Miss Thing. The disappointment quickly left when she realized there was free chocolate milk, Greek yogurt and face painting galore.

Don't you remember the orange slice smile from soccer when you were a kid? I just thought it was too sweet. All in all, it was a great time. She has talked about it non stop. I am keeping my eyes peeled for more family events like this. I think all kids should at least be exposed to the joy of activity and healthy competition.

{Super proud mom and dad}

{At the finish line}

And in case you were wondering, yes we are THOSE parents. Not only was I shooting pictures of her the entire time, RT had the video camera. Oh well, at least her early years are well documented.

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