Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gia's birthday extravaganza.

Last night, Gia and I decided to join Ralph on a business trip. He is leaving again in the morning and will not be home until late Friday and has to entertain a client on Saturday and Sunday so we won't be seeing much of him between now and when we leave for Thanksgiving (which I am super excited about).
We had dinner at our favorite Walnut Creek restaurant, Pomegranate and headed to the hotel for Ralph to finish working and for his girls to hit the hay early. Ralph was up and out super early and Gia started stirring not shortly after his departure.

We started the day with some relaxing followed by room service. It was such an exciting treat for Gia and I did not have to clean it up or cook it, so that was a great treat for me! The most exciting part? They put chocolate milk in a Starbuck's cup and the Monkey thought she was pretty hot stuff drinking her coffee.

{Relaxing Girls}

{Room Service}

We then got dressed and headed to a local park. It was about three miles away so it gave us a nice walk and we just enjoyed this amazing fall day. When we arrived at the park, there were no kids in sight. No less than ten minutes later ten to fifteen kids arrived. Gia kept saying, "Mommy, thank you for the birthday kids!?!?!" She thought they had all come for her. We ended up staying for nearly two hours and she had a blast. It was like an impromptu birthday party. Which provided me with some relaxing time. A complete win win situation.
{The sweet birthday girl}
{The really awesome park}
We came home and Ralph had to do some work and he had a very special helper. We then decided to go out to dinner. Where you would have thought we had not been feeding this child all day long. She put away so much food it was hard to believe.

{Proud parents of a darling girl}
{Happy Birthday Baby Girl!}

We did not even give Gia her presents today. I know, we sound like horrible parents. But we had so many generous things from her birthday party and such a full day that we did not get around to it. I am really thinking about saving them for Christmas because I do not think that she even knows that she is supposed to get presents and she has so much stuff that I really don't think she would notice all of what we would give her.


Tonia said...

It sounds like you two had a perfect day.

I'm with you. Keep the presents for Christmas. She has no idea she's supposed to get them for her birthday. Besides, you already gave the kids at the playground. :)

Allison Talamantez said...

I know right? It is kind of sad how desperate she is for friends. I am really thankful that she is starting preschool in January. She will have so much more of a social network.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?