Thursday, November 26, 2009


Regardless of what the news says, or what is going on with the economy and the future outlook of our country or how much longer we are going to feel the effects of the recession that is said to be gone, on this day I am thankful.

We have been blessed this year in ways that many have not. We have faced challenges this year that I hope no one ever has to face. Challenges that I would rather not talk about with the blog world or even some of my dearest friends, but challenges that have made us better, stronger people.

Today I am thankful for Ralph, Gia, Mom, Dad, Eddie, Jenna, and Kate. For the chance to celebrate together in the lovely Dallas and spend time that will provide us years of memories.

Today I am thankful for turkey and my dads stuffing. Really, I am thankful for the comfort of a holiday meal that is prepared like my memory serves me. There is something so special about the way that YOUR family did it. And while I love the fact that Ralph and I are starting our own traditions with bits from his, bits from mine and those that we just want to have, there is something so dear about what I grew up with. When it was my mom, my dad, Eddie and me. Joined by our wonderful extended family. Hours of gin rummy, parade watching and of course....Miracle on 34th Street.

Today I am thankful for Miracle on 34th Street. Natalie Wood, you have provided years of entertainment for my mother and I. I am looking forward to the years of entertainment that you will provide for Gia and I and then for Gia and her little ones to come in the future. There is nothing like, "Yes, we would LOVE to have Santa Claus come and stay with us." And the hours of laughter that comes with that. I honestly don't know if I have actually watched it in years. But the time that is spent with my mom on the couch with it in the background is something that no one can ever rival. Some of the most joyous, difficult, happy and sad times have been with this movie and I can not even imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas without this gem of cinematic perfection.

Today I am thankful for running. It is still an ever learning process and something that I am growing in and becoming better at every day. You have provided me with endless therapy, release, calm and enjoyment. For every mile logged, I am infinately better to my loved ones. And for that, I am sure that they are thankful too.

Most of all, I am thankful for God. I am not the best servant, but I try. I have Faith, but it waivers. Each day, I grow into what YOU want me to become. Each day I try to serve You and sin tremendously. Each day, I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life and all of the wonderful things that you have bestowed on me.

May your celebration be filled with lots of butter and lots of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

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