Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tea time.

Gia and I have started a new ritual. We are having tea parties for breakfast. (Shhh, don't tell Gia, but mommy is secretly drinking Cafe Bustelo out of the big white cup but don't tell...)

It is something that I think we will be continuing for a long time to come. Neither Gia, Ralph, nor I are morning people. Nothing is more fantastic than having a lazy, non rushed morning to get your bearings and enjoy the ones you love in jammies.

One of the major benefits of my current job is that this is possible.

I brew G a caffeine free, herbal, fruity tea that she enjoys with some kind of breakfast treat. Gia's Aunt Mary gave her this fantastic plastic tea set that she adores. She pours her tea, sips it like a lady and takes small bites of her tasty treats. We read books and just spend time together.

If you have a little girl, I suggest you try it. It really is no different than regular breakfast, just the dishes that you use and they feel so special.

Got to run, it's TEA TIME!


Sabrina said...

Okay, that is just precious!

Laura said...

What a great tradition! And something she will remember forever. You're a great mom Allison!

jz said...

Reminds me of some special tea time
we had after school when you were a little girl. I know G loves every special minute she has with you. You are a very caring and nurturing Mom.