Thursday, November 5, 2009

The no cry sleep solution.

Well, we have had so many issues with Gia and her sleep issues that I have spent many hours wondering JUST what to do. So much so, that I have PLEADED with sleep itself to just let me know what I can do. See this.

Well tonight, my fine husband MAY have found the solution. We had bought Gia some of those Glow Sticks for Halloween, but never got around to using them. Ralph and Miss Thing went on a date while I cleaned (yes, you read that right...they had a date and I cleaned house. And yet, I somehow feel like I was the one given the big exciting day....that is an entire other story) and when they got home, Ralph gave her the Glow Stick.
We had our normal bed time routine. Bath, books, cuggles. Then the NORMAL routine is then followed by ridiculous amounts of screaming beyond belief. Well, tonight there was none of that. There was some sweet whispering to Ghloe (Gia's beloved Glo Worm) and lots of book reading to Elmo. When we went in to see how the room was left in tact, this is what we found.....Sleeping soundly with the Glo Stick close by. Now, the question an extra thirty bucks a month worth good sleep? Right now, I am thinking the answer is yes!!!!!!


Tonia said...

I would definitely say yes! maybe she was just so in awe of the glow sticks that it did the trick. Did she ever have any night lights or anything in her room?

Amanda said...

That's very creative! We just bought one of these.
We've been using it for a week and it's helping with early morning wake ups.

I am Trish Marie said...

Jill sleeps with a soft light on. I put a low voltage lightbuld in her lamp with a dark shade. Emmi sleeps with her closet light on.

And yes. Stocking up on glow sticks is VERY worth it.

Laura said...

That is so precious! I say do what works! And eventually she will grow out of the glow sticks and sleep without them.


jz said...

Allie, do you have to ask??? Whatever works so all can get a good nights sleep... Love ya