Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas cards.

{Our pictures through the years}

I don't know about you, but I have always loved the Christmas season. It was not until I was married and had a child that I ever realized there was any stress that could be a part of the holidays. In an effort to eliminate stress, I am looking to be as organized and prepared for this season. Starting with my Christmas cards.
Christmas cards. Oh, how I LOVE them. I love picking them out, I love receiving them. I love looking at vintage ones in little boutiques and could spend hours on the Tiny Prints website. I think in many ways they are the one time of year that we chose what we want others to see of our families. The best part. Our cute kids, the beaming parent faces.
So, how do you get your Christmas card to be one that you are really happy with and excited about compiling the addresses and getting them out the door without adding stress?
First, I think it comes with a well planned out picture. (If you chose to send a picture card, and these are my personal favorites.) The best piece of advice that I can say for this is first to get someone outside of those you want in the picture to take the picture. While I use my cameras self timer, but lets face it it does not always work the way you want it too. Just enlist a neighbor, a friend or grandparent to take the picture. But make sure you instruct them on what you want...full body, close up, face only, focus on kids, adults blurred, etc, etc, etc.
I think that using the light that is available is always the best choice. Camera flashes wash you out. Using diffused sunlight (9am or 3pm I find creates the best looking shots) or the lighting that is in your home will eliminate red eye and make everyone look their best.
Make your subjects (and yourself) act natural. One of the many things that I have learned in being the mother of a toddler is that I can not get a posed picture. If you just laugh and have a great time you will get a semi posed shot with real smiles and capture your family's personality. Which is really what you want isn't it?
AVOID PATTERNS. Lets face it, we've all seen the seventies pictures and made fun of them. Just stick with solid, brights and focus on the subjects. Also, you won't have to look back and groan.
I also like the idea of sending a holiday e card. Which is so easy because with many photo cards you can save the jpeg and send it digitally. This way you can send a card via snail mail to those that you know want one or those that do not use the Internet and those via email to the others. Saving on postage. Because with postage prices today sending Christmas cards can add up!
You can download templates at, and many other websites offering something different than Walgreens, Costco, Target and the others offer. Which are super cute as well.

So, what are your holiday greeting card suggestions?
And, if we don't have your address, please email it to us at allison dot talamantez at gmail dot com!

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I am Trish Marie said...

I haven't done anything about Christmas cards this year. Normally I have them all addressed and in the mail by now!