Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas in San Francisco.

This past weekend we went to San Francisco and met my mom for a weekend of fun in our beloved city by the bay. I know that NYC has loads of charm during the holiday season, but SF has it without the bone chilling temperatures. It was rather rainy (and cold), but we had so much fun with all of our SF favorite activities. {The Three T's, and SF's finest Cappuccino}
{Macy's Windows}
{Gia's Santa writing efforts, she has now asked for hot chocolate four times}


{Gia pretending to sleep post lunch at Bocce}
We had a blast. I will be in SF a few more times prior to the close of the Christmas season, but it was so nice to be there with my mom and enjoy the holiday spirit together. We will have to make it a T family tradition.

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Amanda said...

You definitely need to try making this. So good!!!