Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sleigh day.

One of the absolute best parts of living in Northern California is our proximity to pretty much everything. An hour and a half one way, you are at the beach. An hour and a half another way, you are at some of the countries premier ski resorts. But a mere forty five minutes East, you will hit snow and hills and loads of people sledding.

Growing up in Texas, you have to go pretty far to find this kind of fun, so as a parent it is just so much fun to watch Gia play in the snow like this and still not have to shovel my car out or the path on our front lawn.
We built a miniature snowman, went down the hill, wiped out just as many times and had Christmas cookies.

Ralph and Gia made snow angels. The smiles and laughs that came from the two of them were contagious. Not only to me, but to others at the Sno Park as well. Such a treat to be one of the Three T's.

And of course, RT could not resist throwing snow balls at me every opportunity that presented itself. So, my camera and I were covered in snow by the end of the afternoon.

I am confident that this will be a regular activity that we partake in this winter. What a fun afternoon of good ole fashioned, wholesome fun.


jz said...

What great pictures and looks like so much fun...The smile on Gia's face while making the Snow Angel is priceless!!! Enjoy your snow days, so precious...

Laura said...

Love your snow day! See - CA is perfect! And you guys are the most fashionable Americans I have ever seen. ;-) Love all your pictures - Gia's smile is so heart warming!

Tonia said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm sure Gia had an awesome time.