Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four down, ten to go.

Six Items: Black jeggings, White tee, Grey sweater
Others: Brown kitten heel boots, brown skinny belt at empire, brown Miami ring, necklace via Kari
So the kind of scary thing about this challenge is how little people notice what you are wearing and how easy or boring it is to pull things out of your closet to wear. I
am going to force myself to get rid of a bunch of stuff between now and next week when I chose my next six items.
I did a little research and if you have multiples of something, you can use them. So for the next two weeks I will be doing that simply because I work full time, have an almost four year old and am reedonkulously preggers and don't want to wash junk as often as I have been and will be for the next ten days.
Things I have already learned......
  • men are crazy smart, if you like something buy it in every color
  • having some sort of uniform makes life easier
  • I have way to many clothes, but think I could always use more shoes and accessories
  • Wal Mart makes some crazy jeggings for $12. Yep, that is what they are and I had purchased them in denim and black and have worn the black ones and keep getting crazy compliments...go buy some today
  • I feel cuter in heels. Especially when preggers. Wedges feel less "formal" to me and are something that I need more of now that I work in a casual (at home) environment.
  • More does not always mean more. More of the right thing that makes you feel amazing is more, if something doesn't make you feel amazing....get rid of it...including or especially lounging around the house clothes. I can not for the life of me figure out why people want to look like slobs when relaxing at home or going to the gym. Yuck.
  • I work out and still have an almost four year old so I have loads and loads of laundry despite I am only wearing six pieces of clothing (outside of the gym and lounging around) and my husband takes nearly everything to the cleaners.

Ralph has been out of town a bunch and I don't actually think that he will realize that I have only been wearing six pieces of clothing. That somewhat disturbs me as to how much he notices things.


Tonia said...

Cute outfit!

Men don't notice anything. They're just only observant about things they want to be observant about. Most men don't care what we're wearing.....they only care what it looks like on the floor. Ha ha ha.

kberry said...

Love the boots. Where are they from?

You're doing a great job -- maybe I should apply this to my own day to day life. My closet is out of contril.