Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin patch with "her kids".

This year we went to Bishops Farm with Gia's class from school. Gia thinks that all of the kids that go to her school are "her kids" and she could not stop talking about the upcoming trip for ages. I think I am going to start my sister in law's method of not informing her of any happening or event until the morning of otherwise it is endless chatter.

It was unseasonably warm, but no one seemed to mind. It is just funny to see everyone dressed more for summer than a fall harvest. Gia was in hog heaven sitting on Miss Megan's lap, feeding the goats (so gross!) and being best friends with Olivia. It was really awesome to have Gia going up to all of "her kids" and saying this is my mommy. She was so excited. I remember going to some random farm with my mom around Gia's age and I was just excited to have her along. I am just cherishing every moment because thirteen will be here before I know it and she won't want to be within a ten mile radius of me.

We took a hay ride, saw a pig race, picked a pumpkin off the vine and rode a train. A very full and successful day. Gia came home and crashed. Which was good because then I was able to work.

I just love this picture below. She looks so aloof, but was having so much fun. Happy Fall.

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Tonia said...

I bet she had a blast.