Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six diet.

So I am thinking I am going to do this. I think about clothes almost all the time. And I am pregnant. I would certainly fall into the creative/curiosity camp. Also, I want to not buy anything and have that money to buy some new clothes for after Baby T arrives.

I am thinking this through and looking to find pieces that I won't get sick of over the course of the period.

Because I do have more maternity clothes than necessary, I may just use the existing pieces in my closet and pick six for two weeks, then another six for two weeks until the end of my pregnancy. So really, it is a twelve week challenge for me utilizing a total of 72 pieces. Some I am confident I will use more than once but this way I won't get too bored but still won't go out and buy anything new. I figure this will provide me a pretty nice budget to buy some things for Baby T and myself come gloomy February.

This also gives me the incentive to stay on track with my diet and exercise as we embark on these last few weeks.

So for the two weeks starting Monday, October 25- Sunday, November 6. I have an added incentive because the baby shower is on November 6 which will prevent me from trying to go out and buying a new dress for the shower.

So, the rules allow that accessories do not count, work out clothes, and shoes are interchangeable. I am viewing a jackets/tights as an accessories because the weather is a little wonky right now.

So before Monday I will post the piece choices and see what I can do......I think I am nuts.


jz said...

May have to take bets on this one. But maybe we are up for the challenge, I will still have CO issue for many days. You are on!!!!!!

Tonia said...

I think its great! You can do it!!!