Monday, October 25, 2010

Six items. Why oh why did I decide to do this?

Day One: 6 Items: Black Jeggings, White IO Tank
Accessories: Gold Mia Wedge, Shrug courtesey of my Mom, Vintage Butterfly brooch that was my grandmothers

So I am committing to this for six items for fourteen days, twice. If I like it or feel that the challenge is invigorating then I will decide if I want to continue the six items/two weeks challenge for the remainder of my pregnancy.

So here are the six items that I chose:

1. White Isabella Oliver Scoop Neck T Shirt
2. Teal Cable and Gauge Tunic
3. Black Norma Kamali long sleeve wrap dress
4. Black LEI Jeggings
5. Grey Mossimo wrap cardigan
6. Navy Blue Vintage velvet blazer

I will post pictures of my outfit choices daily. A few things that I have already learned (note- I am writing this in my bathrobe and am not even dressed) that there is a lot that you can do with six items, I wonder if those that I see on a regular basis - including my husband- will notice and I am dreading doing daily laundry, but looking forward to only having to pack six items when I go somewhere. I have a ton of accessories that I have forgotten about or have just not had the courage to wear.

So here we go.


Tonia said...

Good luck on the challenge. I look forward to seeing your outfits everyday!

You still don't look pregnant from the front by the way. You've got hot legs!

jz said...

This is going to be fun.......Bet Gia will notice first.....