Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day two.

Six Items: Black jeggings (hand washed last night), cable and gauge tunic
Accessories: Black suede Nine West riding boots, Vintage wide cuff

Yesterday afternoon I picked Gia up and we went to the park. Before I went to pick her up, I took off the shrug my mom gave me added a multi colored crazy scarf that she had knitted me as well and put on my blue Tieks. So I can not believe that I used up two days of outfits in one work at home day, but oh well. I am confident that I have enough accessories to make it work.
I am not sure that I am loving the black jeggings and black boot combo. I theory it should be great, but a little contrast would be nice. Funny thing about this is that I think that I am thinking about clothes more now, but more about what I already have versus what I need/want to acquire. I am also realizing that I have very, very few maternity clothes. I purchased a few Isabella Oliver tops (which I LOVE) and the rest is non maternity, but stretchy. I hope that they last me through the entire eleven weeks that we have left (but if you are healthy baby T and want to come show your face on or around 12.14 we would love to have you to celebrate Christmas!)
Thank you Tonia and Mom for your sweet comments. They really do make a bloated, 29 week pregnant girl feel good. ;-) So great to have amazing people all around.
Until tomorrow.

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Tonia said...

Ha ha ha. I'm a little jealous about your legs! I hope if I ever have kids that I can stay as in good of shape as you have.

I love the tunic!

Not to rub it in, but I got a pair of Tory Burch shoes last night. In fairness, I didn't pay for them, Mark's mom did. It was part of the holiday shopping card stuff she does for the American Cancer Society. I think they're the most expensive shoes I've ever owned.