Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gia ran in her second "marathon" and had a blast. She completed the 1/4 mile, next time she is going to go for the half. She is so enthusiastic. I just want to note that I could care less (but would be thrilled) if she found a love of running, but she is so excited to run "marathons", get a bib, ribbon and t shirt that it thrills me to no end.

She held my hand the entire race until she saw the finish line and she dropped my hand and sprinted. I was so proud and quite envious. Usually by the end of my marathons there is no juice for a speed pick up. Training post baby T is looking to include more speed work and I am hoping to find some more respectable finish times.

The two runner girls.

Although, I think some of Gia's excitement for running comes from the bounce houses, face painting and games that follow the run more than the run itself. But whatever it is, she loves it. I wish they had more kid fun runs around. They are so few and far between.

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Tonia said...

That's wonderful! Hopefully she sticks with it and it can be something that you two share even when she's older.