Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I feel spring is in the air.

I don't know why, but there is something about the day after St. Patrick's Day. It makes me feel like spring is in the air...warmer days on the horizon. The anticipation of Easter and all of its glory are in full swing. Little tanks with light cardigans over them. Cuffed jeans and spring dresses with something under to catch the chilll...brings a smile to my face.

In celebration, I think that I am going to break out the cream pants (not the winter white lined, but full on spring pants)...pray I don't freeze!

May the sun be on your face today and look up and thank God for all of his blessings!


kberry said...

I LOVE the new pictures of G in the heading -- ADORABLE!

I am Trish Marie said...

I am so tired of jeans... I need summer dresses and cute shorts. Although, it is already pretty warm here, so I can get away with that now!