Monday, March 9, 2009

Spending time with Popa.

Popa has come to spend some extra special time with Gia. He is her best friend. Tonight, she didn't even want to talk to her daddy or Mimi on the phone...which NEVER happens. Here are some pictures of Popa and G over the years.... Back when we thought his name would be Grandpa (6.2007)
11.18.2006...she is so sick here...right before NICU
Playing with blocks....LOADS of laughter.
All smiles all the time.
We are so thankful that Popa is here to spend time with us and give Miss G lots of things to do. It has been such a pleasure to hang out with my dad and see Gia look at him with the same sense of awe that I did as a young little girl....let's be honest, I still do. Dad's are great. And I have the world's greatest. Thank you dad/popa, we love you!

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~Holly~ said...

So cute! I love your dad too!!! :)