Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loosen the rope. You might hang yourself if you don't.

Once upon a time I prided myself on the amount of control I needed over my life. Everything had to be in order. Even more so, I wanted everything to be done my way. While this worked to an extent during my college years and early career days I have become much more lax and compromising.

Marriage (a happy one) and children will do this to a person.

I have had the most eye opening experiences as of late regarding said control freaks. Pretty much I find most of them to be incredibly unhappy and don’t have the opportunity to enjoy things because they are too busy wanting to be right and wanting to have control over everything that you do.

I am not a completely reformed control freak. My house does have to be just right, but I no longer attempt to control RT and Gia to conform to my way of thinking or doing things. I like to have control over things like my plans and where I see my future in the next six months, but I no longer need (or want) to control how others do things or that they always have to think that I am right.

It leaves you lonely. Without friends and having a husband that is a puppet….not a real life man. Let’s be honest, part of why I love RT so much is he fights back…just don’t tell him that.

You know who you are….loosen up…..maybe you could have some fun then.


~Holly~ said...

I think this is why we have always been friends!!! The 2 control freaks...how did we manage to not kill each other when we were little???

Anonymous said...

OK, so I am catching up on my blog reading :) Oh, how I need to comment on sooo many!!! Let's start with the 'Smiles to my face'...kind of makes me sad I wish it were Gia & Samantha :( But really enjoyed the pics. Next, 'I am pretty sure that makes me a bad Catholic' I am certain there are higher things on this list than this post tells....luck I don't blog on this one...hahaha!!! Next, 'Spiting Nails' reminds me how BAD WE NEED TO TALK!!! Also reminds me how much our passions are the same...that's how we stayed friends all these years...other people see crazy women - we see passion! Can't wait to talk to you! 'Spending time with popa'....too sweet! What great memories and love! I loved the pics! Finally, 'Loosen the Rope....I think mine is too tight...hahaha! It was a great reminder for me, and from one of the few people that I could hear it from. Well, girl the fact that I left such a long post is a HUGE sign of how much I need to talk to you...it seems with the time change, kids and hubbies it is getting harder and harder for us to catch up. What to do!?! Well, hopefully soon we will catch up on the phone! I love & miss you dearly! ~Amy Weyer

I am Trish Marie said...

This is why I thank God for Kenny. He is the one that finally got me to loosen up...even if it is just a little bit! Baby steps. I finally learned the world will not end if my daughters want to wear a pink shirt with orange shorts that DON'T match. Apparently, the world also doesn't end if someone comes over while there is a dish in my sink. Or if I am five minutes late to something. Or if everything is not perfectly in order. Who knew?! I, of course, still have my moments. Many of them. Like you said those are the unhappy people, the people who spend their whole lives focusing on these insiginifcant details.

Holly, you hide your control freak-ness well. You always seem so calm. Wait. I don't know if calm is the right word!