Saturday, March 14, 2009

The stinker strikes again.

Sleep. Gia is the perfect child...just don't try to put her to sleep. It has been two years and four months since she came into this wonderful world and for two years and four months sleeping has been less than stellar in the Talamantez home.

Health has had a lot to do with it. Suckers for parents have contributed as well. First it was the it is the diaper.

After a good nine months of crying until she sleeps (per pediatricions....numerous...reccomendations and her parents not wanting to), she no longer shrieks for long stretches on end. Now it is a few moments of, "How could you leave me? I will never be able to go on" to just mindless chatter with her dolls. Little banters of "No crying baby" " Jammies on baby" and "Shh baby, I am reading". It really can melt your heart.

This is an a MAJOR way. Jammies off? Come on, is that really THAT big of a deal...we live in California. It doesn't get THAT cold. She will survive.

Taking the diaper off...that's a big deal.

Followed by the endless crying.

What to do? Seriously, suggestions are desperately needed and wanted. So for now, the stinker has won...and we cleanded the stinky mess too.

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