Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You are more and more like your mother every day.

There is no higher complement that could ever be given to me other than the above. My mother is the worlds most amazing person.

She loves completely and with gusto, she cares like no other, has a sense of style that Jackie O is envious of, a remarkable body (seriously, I won't tell you the number of calendar years she is, but to look like that is AMAZING), she is a culinary whiz, a domestic goddess, green thumb galore and she can learn a new skill (and master it) at the drop of the hat.

All things that I want to encompass.
{Three Generations Gathered Together}

The one thing I could do without? The inability to sleep. I have been up since 2:30am and now I am just going to start my day.

Arrrgh. I love you Meezer.


Amanda said...

Allison, that is horrible! Have you talked to a doctor?

kberry said...

Funny how it used to be a "oh no, I'm becoming my mother" thing and now we take it as a compliment!

P.S. Love this picture of the three of you.

jz said...

I love you so much, thanks for the praise and no words can express how much you fill my heart with love and pride. I'm sure the sleep thing is temp. for you and things will get better.

Love, Mom