Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baking cookies.

Gia is not the worlds best sleeper. Never has been and while it may improve, the act of going to sleep or taking naps at school does not get any easier with age. The very idea of adding another not so great sleeper to the bunch is freaking me out.

Me: G why didn't you take a nap today?
Gia: I was making fuzz cookies from my monkey pillow pet and I had to check and see if the cookies were done and I stood up and all of a sudden I was being put in time out.

Oh, escaping the blame. A trait that is learned from a very young age. A very young age.

Fuzz cookies? Gross. Could they not have at least been chocolate chip?

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I am Trish Marie said...

See, this is how it works. You will get one bad sleeper and one good sleeper. However, it will never fail that on that one rare, random night the bad sleeper sleeps through the night, the good sleeper will wake up twelve times. Here's to not sleeping for the next eighteen years!