Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Great Reno Rib Cook Off.

This past weekend was the Reno Rib cook off. Please don't ask, I do not know who won. I just ate lots of really bad food and had loads of fun with my family.
Every time we head to Reno I am always surprised by how nice it in fact is. It has all of the glitz and glam of Vegas, a lot less packed and I have to point out that while it has some nice restaurants not nearly the caliber of Vegas. And the shopping doesn't compare.

That being said, the VIP rib's are the way to go. The best of the best from around the country come together to show there stuff. When you head to the VIP tent all of the vendors have there ribs spread out for everyone to eat. Nestle follows with ridiculously huge ice cream bars.

Saturday we went to an outdoor mall and Scheel's the largest sporting good store in the country and then we headed over to ride the rides and have Girly Girl give our girly girl a make over.

The weather was so nice and crisp. It makes me long for fall. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 73 and I hope that the cool snap stays. The thought of turning leaves and pumpkins pulls at my heart strings.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Ralph and I were talking at breakfast on Sunday morning about how so many of our T Traditions are about to change. Change for the better, but change all the same when our newest T arrives.

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