Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picnic at the park.

These are from so very long ago, but I could not resist uploading and telling the story. One Friday during this past summer Gia and I learned of a concert/picnic at one of our local parks. We cooked and cooked and got all of our thing is order to head out and celebrate when Ralph arrived home.
The night was absolutely perfect. There was a nice breeze with just enough heat. The perfect California combination. Live music, vendors, park equipment and bounce houses galore for the kiddos and families to enjoy.

Gia was bounce, bounce, bouncing away. And then she slid down this slide. When she jumped off the end she hit her head on the concrete. Ralph and I really did not think anything of it because she popped up and went on to bounce and play some more.

As you can see, she finished the night strong. Until the ride home. I turn around because she was way to quiet and all of a sudden I smell it. PUKE. All over the place. Still I really did not think anything of it. Came home, washed up and put that sick baby girl in our bed. Where she threw up again. While in the second bath Ralph and I on cue looked at each other and realized that she hit her head. Hard. On concrete.
Off to the hospital (where she threw up on me again and of course I had a change of clothes for her but not for me). We spent the rest of the night in the ER. They decided she was lucid and fine and sent us on our very merry way.
Gia is fine. Except for when she wears this blue shirt? She calls it her threw up shirt.

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Tonia said...

Poor thing. My nephew has had 3 concussions in the past 2 years. Not fun!