Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kolache craziness.

If you are from Texas, you know what a kolache is. If you know what a kolache is, then you love them. Imagine every native Texan's dismay to find out that these sweet, salty, goodness baked goods are only to be found in our great home state. Well, what is a girl to do? Set out to make them.

I should totally lie and say that this was all my brilliant idea, but I would be lying. My now dear friend and the mother of three of the most amazing children that I babysat for as a teen (who now lives in Colorado) gave me this idea. You should check out Mama Holli here.

So I made them two ways...one I made homemade kolache dough and the other I used frozen bread dough to do the same. These have now become a favorite at my house and for the record i will not be making the dough from scratch. I will be thawing the frozen bread dough over night and using it in the morning. Not that the homemade dough was that difficult. I am just not sure that it was really that much better. Ease. Simplicity. Time savings.
So you take about an egg sized piece of dough and pat it down flat. Wrap it around a two inch long piece of pork sausage and put in a pre heated 375 degree oven and bake for fifteen minutes. Sometimes I add a little pepper jack cheese for spice and gooey, cheesy goodness. And out pop these amazing delicacies.
The sausage is cured so they can stay out on the counter for passer bye's to gobble up. They will now be my Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, any holiday with a big lunch/dinner staple and any leave behind with a fresh squeezed bottle of oj for a dinner party host to have a nice, quick breakfast in the morning. My mouth is watering!!!! ENJOY!

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Tonia said...

They look delicious! I like the dough more than whats inside them. :) I'm very particular about where I get them. Some places put too much stuff inside, therefore there's less 'bread' to eat. I have to have a good ratio.