Monday, September 27, 2010

New baby.

My wonderful parents were in town for nearly a week. It was fantastic. Of course, they would be the ones to bring the new baby its first thing. And it is this soft, amazingly precious little onesie.

Funny how when I was pregnant with Gia, every single thought that I had was centered around pregnancy, birth, nursery planning, child proofing, registry, the list goes on and on. This go around? I sometimes have to remind myself that I am pregnant.

No worries precious little one, Mimi may have just spawned me into a shopping frenzy.

We all love you so much. Especially your big sister. She is so ready to show you the ropes and hug and kiss you. She already does every day.

Just a few, short (hopefully not long) fifteen weeks.


jz said...

Love you and yours with all my heart.Mom

Tonia said...

Are you waiting for the baby's sex to be a surprise? By the way, you don't even look pregnant in your pictures wearing the shorts. :)