Friday, September 3, 2010

Confessions of a busy mom.

I have a confession to make. My daughter and I both got our haircut at Wal Mart this week. This could potentially be one of the lowest points in my parenting life.

Is this any indication of exactly how busy we have been around here? Yes.

Let us start with the fact that it has been crazy busy at work for both Ralph and I. We have been working like crazy and RT has been out of town at least two to three days a week for nearly the past two months. I want to note that we are so incredibly thankful that we are just this busy with jobs that are paying and provide for our family.

Couple all the work craziness with out of town for business/pleasure which does not seem to slow until the end of October and started mid June.

Top that off with an in service week for Gia's school...and you have some time crunched peeps.

Monday I had to go to the grocery store. It is with a certain amount of embarrassment that I admit I shop at Wal Mart. In fact, I have since we moved here. It is so much closer than Target (which is not a Super Target) and so much more reasonable than Save Mart. So there, I said it. My name is Allison and I am a Wal Mart Shopper.

I had not had a haircut since early June and Gia had not had one since mid July.

We were looking pretty darn shabby.

And there it was. The haircut place sitting there right after you are greeted by the sweet retiree at the door. Calling my name.

Internal dialogue:

Practical Mom (PM from now on): Do you know how much time I will save you?

Hipster Mom (HM from now on): Seriously, what will you tell your husband?

PM: You are time crunched, preggo and look horrible.

HM: And you think a Wal Mart haircut will help.

PM: Anything will help at this point.

HM: Ok, maybe you are right. We just won't tell anyone about it.

PM: Yeah right, you haven't done a real blog post in nearly three weeks.

So I bit the bullet and walked up to the counter and said I need two haircuts.

They were done with a spray bottle and scissors and we were out in Wal Mart to get milk, bread and eggs in less than thirty minutes.

For a grand total (a very, very generous tip and all) of $26.95.

And believe it or not, our hair looks pretty good. Seriously.

So today Ralph has to do a price survey and he just said he may go get a hair cut at Wal Mart....what are we becoming?!?!?!!?!!!?

I guess when you combine time, work, a three year old and a recession your days of $300 salons are gone and you are reduced to a Wal Mart haircut. But it was fun.


It was.


futebol said...

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Amanda said...

This is my favorite post ever. I went to Visible Changes last night for a cut and color and the tip alone made me want to weep!

I am Trish Marie said...

I am not even going to admit how often I shop at Walmart now. Although, I doubt I even have to explain my reasoning why to you. Walmart is the only thing in town!

Tonia said...

There is nothing wrong with Wal-mart. I used to do all of my grocery shopping there. Now I only go to Kroger for 2 reasons. 1-Its right down the street from my house. 2-We have a nonprofit deal with Kroger for the ballet company that donates a certain percentage of each purchase to us.

My confession on hair....

Since I moved back to Houston in 2003, I've only paid for a haircut 3 times. I had a friend cut it that used to be a hairdresser back in the day. You know my hair never looks cute like yours because I've always had to keep it long enough to put it in a bun. Pretty boring. Now that I'm not dancing, I'm thinking of a new cut & style. But then I found out how much that costs. Ha ha ha. Its ridiculous!