Tuesday, December 23, 2008

H-town...you feel like home

The Talamantez's in Texas
Mimi and Gia reading her Elmo book
Popa and Gia playing
Mimi and GiGi making rolls
Mrs. Burke and Gia "cuggling"

Well we arrived. This morning around 6:05am, we touched down at Bush Intercontinental Airport. We were greeted by my dad anxiously awaiting our arrival (my mom, Ralph and I like to pretend it was for us, but really it was for Miss G.) We then came home (to my mom and dad's house) where we took a LONG nap.
My dad made us "Thanksgiving" dinner...YUM-O and Mrs. Burke joined us. Needless to say everyone is having a blast. We leave for Dallas tomorrow morning and will be back in Houston on Saturday. Feels good to be in Texas!

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