Monday, December 15, 2008

Nina and Uncle Steve came to visit

Steve and Felicia came to visit us from San Diego! What a great time we had! We were super busy with the Kings game and the Raider game and enjoyed the cold rainy weather....Ralph and I are now super nostalgic for the lovely bay area....maybe we will take a weekend trip just the two of us to shop in the city soon! Mommy and GG...getting tired!
Gia, Frances, Ralph and Jimmy...what a nice surprise to run into them!

GG eating doughnuts that Aunt Lupe brought her...just her!

Our tickets...thank goodness for the suite...otherwise we would not have had such a nice time!

Nina and Gia on the way to the Raider game....GG has on lipgloss..reason number 2,987 why we love Nina!

The break dancers at the Kings game...they were AWESOME!

The dancers at the Kings game

Nina, Gia and Uncle Steve walking into the Arco Arena
For whatever reason, they are in reverse order. Fun was had by all. We can't wait to have another great weekend with Felicia and Steve....maybe we will make it to there house in San Diego so we can play with Sierra~

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