Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tamales. Part One.

Gia and I are making tamales. We are making beef, pork, combo, chicken and pineapple. We went to the store today and got everthing it takes to make these fantastic treats. Right now, the meat is cooking. Then we will shred it and get on to the assembly line! Masa, corn husks and lard...yes lard...I never thought I would have that in my pantry.
The beef cooking away in the Crock Pot.
The chicken...which looks rather fowl in this picture.
My pork roasts.
and my HUGE tamale steaming pot. I am so excited about this pot. Last year my biggest challenge was steaming them all after I had put them together...well low and behold, they make pots just for this task, and I am now the proud owner!

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