Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday....the new Friday

Deidra and work wife ;-)
I think most of you know, as of December 1, I started my job share. Which means I am in the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Deidra is in the office Wednesday, Thursday and Friday....which means WEDNESDAY IS THE NEW FRIDAY....needless to say, this brings a smile to my face.

It does wonders for my work/life balance. Tomorrow Gia and I are having a jam packed day of running, park time and library fun...who knows, I may even get some Christmas shopping out of the way....or just do it online by the tree and fire while Miss G naps....either way it is going to be great!

Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

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Amanda said...

What a nice set up! That's so great. You're going to love it.